To become the professional supplier and providing competitive cost solution without sacrificing the quality to our customers.

We had deployed a continuous improvement plan through our PESC systems:

Price Competitive System

Excellent Quality Production Monitoring Service System

Shipping System

Customers Satisfaction System

Price Competitive System – Our system showed data from difference factories to determine the most competitive pricing, Capacity & Equipments and production lead time. From historic information, it is able to evaluate all concerns and outcomes in all aspects. This information is shared with our customers by our sales team.

Excellent Quality Production Monitoring Service System – Besides the factories QC and QA teams, we had a professional engineer team staying in China for monitoring all the main processes of each PCB daily. This team is reported directly to our HK office for further improvements. This service is ensured that all factories are producing our orders exactly meet the customers' requirements and the production processes are in time. The main processes that we monitoring are:

•  Verify Customer's Gerber File and the production MI correctly.
•  Verify the PCB after Electroless Copper process.
•  Verify the PCB after Etch process.
•  Verify the PCB after Solder Coat process.
•  Verify the PCB before packing process.

Any inaccuracies from any processes must be rejected from us. There are no any chances for factories to hidden errors.

Shipping System – We ensured that the product is accurately shipped to the customer by the most efficient route using purpose designed packing protection in accordance with the customer's request such as FOB, CIF or DDU.

Customers Satisfaction System – We are welcome to our customers to give us any comments after received the PCB. All the comments are represented to the factory's histories of our Price Competitive System, and this information is very helpful for us to choose this factory again in the coming future.

Your comments are very important to us – Thank you in advance.

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All our manufacturing factories are complied with:

QS-9000 - Quality Assurance

QS9000 - Quality Assurance

The quality system at our manufacturing factories are registered to QS9000 and working hard to maintain the standards.

ISO - International Organization for Standardization


All our manufacturing factories and products are complied with:
• ISO9001:2000
• ISO9002
• ISO14001

IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries


All our manufacturing factories are members of IPC and we works hardly to comply with IPC's standards and industry programs.

UL - Standard for safety

UL - Standard for safety

All our products are listed to applicable UL Standards and requirements by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

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