We (Sky Systems Ltd) are providing products and services based on customers' point of view, business strategies and missions are to be set in full-filling customers' advantages around the world. Our china based factory is essentially for full supports on PCB with Corporate Certificates . Moreover to achieve the goals, we have also selections of potential regional Printed Circuit Board manufacturers and SMT manufacturers to supply difference customer needs. No matter, from low volume to high volume or from low-end product to high-end product, we can easily accommodate in Our Mission.

We are always leading to implement advanced technology so that we can maintain our leadership in PCB industry to meet the customer's urgent needs and stringent quality requirement. We believe our quality; pricing, service and coo pe ration with our customers will lead us to continued greater success.

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All our manufacturing factories are complied with:

QS-9000 - Quality Assurance

QS9000 - Quality Assurance

The quality system at our manufacturing factories are registered to QS9000 and working hard to maintain the standards.

ISO - International Organization for Standardization


All our manufacturing factories and products are complied with:
• ISO9001:2000
• ISO9002
• ISO14001

IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries


All our manufacturing factories are members of IPC and we works hardly to comply with IPC's standards and industry programs.

UL - Standard for safety

UL - Standard for safety

All our products are listed to applicable UL Standards and requirements by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

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